Coach Scott Hood – BJJ Purple Belt

Assistant Coach Scott is a Texas native and started Jiu-Jitsu in 2017.  During his time in Texas, he trained under Professor Mark Reading at Reading Martial Arts in Denton, Texas earning the rank of Blue Belt.

He proudly served US Navy and the US Air Force.  After 20 plus years he retired honorably from the Armed Forces.

Scott enjoys watching sports on his time off and hanging out with family and friends.

His goal is to become a better Jiu-Jitsu practicioner and help others grow in the Martial Arts.

After he settled in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2020, He decided to get back into training BJJ.  He has been training at Cheyenne Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ever since.

Scott currently holds the rank of Purple Belt which he earned in October of 2022 under Coach Gigi Arross.