A Guide to Jiu-Jitsu Class Costs

How much do Jiu-Jitsu classes cost for adults? How much do Jiu-Jitsu classes cost for kids? Here is a guide on what to expect when shopping for a Jiu-Jitsu academy.

A Guide to Jiu-Jitsu Class Costs

One of the first questions potential jiu-jitsu practitioners want to know when they call our Academy is: How much does training jiu-jitsu cost?

Although this question seems simple to answer, it is an answer that is best tailored to you and your family’s needs. We usually would go over this in a personalized consultation after you or your children attend a free trial class. Still, I will try to do my best to explain some general pricing guidelines here so you can understand what to expect before trying out your first jiu-jitsu class.

Unfortunately, some people focus only on the monthly price with the goal of finding the cheapest academy in their area, therefore sacrificing world-class instruction, more available classes for different ages and skill levels, a great family-friendly atmosphere, and outstanding structured curriculums, which inevitably leads to regret especially considering starting your jiu-jitsu journey in an academy with these attributes is so crucial to long term success.

Some of the most common membership options and fees when joining a Jiu-Jitsu Academy:

  • 6, 12, month contracts paid monthly
  • Drop in class packages
  • Family discounts
  • Law Enforcement/First Responder discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Super Pass package

As you can see, there are many options available that can affect how much training jiu-jitsu will cost for you or your child. When someone comes into our academy for a free trial class, we take pride in finding the best fit for their family’s situation and training goals.

How much do Jiu-Jitsu classes cost?

Different age groups have different price ranges.  This is usually due to the number of available classes and the number of classes required to participate in the program. Jiu-Jitsu classes can be considerably more expensive than some traditional gyms because you are not paying to get fit or in shape. You are paying to learn a skill that is taught by a qualified instructor EVERY class you attend.